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The Next Three Days

The Next Three Days

Category: Crime
All Genres: Crime, Drama, Romance, Thriller
Release Year: 2010
Country: USA
Languages: English
Director: Paul Haggis
Sound: Dolby Digital, DTS, SDDS

  • Lose who you are to save what you love.
  • What if you had 72 hours to save everything you live for?

  • Writing by: Paul Haggis – (screenplay)
    Fred Cavayé – (screenplay "Pour elle") and
    Guillaume Lemans – (screenplay "Pour elle")

    Produced by: Olivier Delbosc – producer
    Eugénie Grandval – co-producer
    Paul Haggis – producer
    Anthony Katagas – executive producer
    Agnès Mentre – executive producer
    Marc Missonnier – producer
    Michael Nozik – producer

    Cast: Russell Crowe – John Brennan
    Elizabeth Banks – Lara Brennan
    Michael Buie – Mick Brennan
    Moran Atias – Erit
    Remy Nozik – Jenna
    Toby Green – Three Year Old Luke
    Tyler Green – Three Year Old Luke
    Jason Beghe – Detective Quinn
    Aisha Hinds – Detective Collero
    Ty Simpkins – Luke
    Veronica Brown – Female Guard #1

    Music: Danny Elfman Alberto Iglesias
    Official Website: Visit Website

    Plot Outline:

    High-strung father-to-be Peter Highman is forced to hitch a ride with aspiring actor Ethan Tremblay on a road trip in order to make it to his child's birth on time.


    A married couple's life is turned upside down when the wife is accused of a murder.

    Movie Quotes:

    Ethan Tremblay: Holy Moses, it's like I'm traveling with a child!
    Peter Highman: Have you used the restroom?
    Ethan Tremblay: Good point, I need to take a pee-pee.
    [walks towards the restroom with a childish walk]

    Crazy Credits: We know about 2 Crazy Credits. One of them reads:
    The main title is formed from a gallery of newspaper pages, all detailing fights between Metro Man and Megamind.

    Goofs: We know about 3 goofs. Here comes one of them:
    Errors in geography: When John and Lara bypass the zoo exit they continue on the Highland Park Bridge. Shortly after, after the car avoids a truck and spins out of control, they come to a stop. As they exit the vehicle, you can clearly see Chestnut Ridge mountain in the background putting them on toll Route 43 outside of Uniontown, PA. This is over an hour-and-a-half from the Pittsburgh zoo.

    Trivia: There are 3 entries in the trivia list – like these:

    • Paul Haggis and Olivia Wilde share the same birthday.
    • Elizabeth Banks had previously played a family woman accused of murder in "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" (1999).
    • The amount of blood on Lara Brennan's coat seems to be more than anyone could possibly transfer in a "bump" with another person. Looked like she had come in contact with a jugular spewing blood instead of just another coat with some blood on it. A minor splatter maybe at best.

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